Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anatomy of Type, Three Typeface Gems 02-27-2013

Finished another assignment for 02-27-2013, this time in Typography, to show anatomy of type in Adobe Illustrator.
 We first did thumbnails, small sketches, based on the assignment sheet. Pick three typefaces out of five, show some of the anatomy, like serifs on the ends of letters or counters, like the enclosed space in a small "e."
The instructor showed us how to indicate the anatomical parts with arrows or colored clipping masks, and let us work.
Pictures below:
The thumbnail needs to be tightened up.
In the photo of the poster, the black border above and below is the black mat on which it is mounted. The blue in the counter of the "e" looks darker than the rest of the blue anatomical clipping masks.
The rest of the posters that were critiqued today were all very different and very good.