Friday, January 25, 2013

First design for HisComm class, 01-25-2013

After attending my second class in History of Communication Graphics, I had the guidelines for our first assignment, due in a few weeks: Create a postcard, front and back, in the style of Art Nouveau, for one of four clients, with certain required phrasing, in Adobe Illustrator. 
Choose a client:
> ArtsSan Antonio: A Shakespearean play of our choice
> Whole Foods at The Quarry: The announcement of a new beverage
> Majestic Theatre: An announcement for a dance company or a musical group
> McNay Art Museum: Exhibit of Art Nouveau furniture.

Professor Arredondo had several good student examples to show us. 
I want to use that style to do a newer subject... let's see... 
> simulated blood for vampyres (vampire-styled human customers of Whole Foods)
> human-flavored beef jerky for people who are role-playing zombies (same client)
> single-cup brewers (K*urig is a brand name), media center furniture, flash drive necklaces (?), or other modern furniture in the style of Art Nouveau.
So I spent hours at home researching and creating an announcement of an exhibit of ... cat furniture.
Of course, we haven't started thumbnails yet, so I probably won't end up using this piece. I did it for fun.
Not sure what to do for the post card back. Use the furniture, elongated, as the separator between the message area and the address area. Or use the cat?

Introduction to front of card: 
> The post card is based on one of the most recognizable cat works of the Art Nouveau movement, Le Chat Noir, a French poster designed in 1896 by Theophile Steinlen to advertise a cabaret.
>  The font that I used for McNay words was Lucida Bright, close to what the museum's website uses but I don't know which font the museum uses.
> The font for announcement and opening date was Lucida Handwriting Italic. Haven't done enough research on Art Nouveau fonts. Could probably find a better font or two in

> just started Typography class. Don't know where to place words!
> cat furniture is supposed to look like wicker. I tried several effects but all those that looked a bit like wicker also made the outlines fuzzy. Art Nouveau has clean outlines.
> Is the cat too close to the edge?