Monday, April 1, 2013

Constructivist Solar Energy Poster

I've been working on a poster in Constructivist style for History of Communication Graphics. If that style doesn't ring a bell, don't worry, it's not as well known as Art Nouveau. It seems to be mostly about simplicity, dark colors, and heavy text.
Our possible subjects included controversial topics and energy and the environment.
Years ago, in 1985, I took the train every day from west of Tokyo to inner Tokyo to attend language school. I marveled at the many residential rooftops decorated with solar panels in a tiny country better known for snow than for natural energy reserves. By contrast, in 2013, I am surprised and dismayed to see little evidence of residential or commercial solar power in sunny San Antonio.
So I used a non-profit organization called Solar San Antonio as my "client" and made versions of this poster. This version is bordered with black to imitate attaching it to a black mat board.
In case anyone wonders, most solar energy panels look dark blue because of the silicone used in them, although other materials may be used in some panels.

A later version , more Constructivist with all capital letters:

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  1. I really like your poster and the subject is one close to my heart too. When I lived in San Antonio and drove through downtown on my daily commute from south to north and back again, I could see so many places to place solar panels.