Friday, March 1, 2013

TPR contest design 03-01-2013

Update: Z Wright submitted the winning design out of over 100 submissions. See his design at:
Critique:  A mockingbird is perched on a farm road sign while wearing headphones.
In Z Wright's design, the sign is seen at an angle, which is perspective with subtle use of movement to the right. The mockingbird's body is twisted, providing contrasting movement, and is grayscale, which contrasts with the white-on-black sign and the little red headphones.

Last night I created two versions of one design for the TPR (Texas Public Radio) T-shirt design contest, due today, March 1, 2013.
Rules specified that the design had to include "Texas Public Radio," "," the three call signs, fit into a space no smaller than 8x8" nor larger than 11x11", two colors or less.

I used a font like that in the logo, which has an accent of purple.
The catch phrase is in the TPR logo.
Normally I will enlarge the image to be cropped off the page, but this design will be worn on a T-shirt. It doesn't need to look like it's flowing off a page that isn't there.
Now I wonder if the smartphone needs a plug coming out the top for head phones, or should viewers assume the person listening to TPR on this phone is wearing a Bluetooth?
The "WiFi" arcs need to be more tightly arced in a smaller circle.
The corners of the phone should be more rounded.

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